This privacy policy (Privacy Policy) addresses the use, storage and protection of your personal data entered by you at the registration on the site of Bitcoins Air, which is located on the domain name www.bitcoinsa.com.


Your personal information will be used first of all so that the company can acquaint you with all the news and services provided by Bitcoins Air, as well as with additional information regarding our company and your account. Personal information of users can also be used to identify and / or prevent fraud, resolve any disputes, maintain and business relationships, optimize the work of the resource. Your personal information will not be displayed anywhere, it is only required for our employees for the above purposes. All personal messages sent by the system to the user are visible only to him. You can change your personal information by going to the settings in your account. If you can not change any parameters in your profile, it is likely that these parameters are unchanged in the system for the security of your data. In this case, you should contact support: support@bitcoinsa.com.


We recommend using only protected computers to access the Bitcoins Air site. We realize that each user entrusts his personal information to us. We very much appreciate your trust. In accordance with this, Bitcoins Air guarantees to you the security and confidentiality of your personal data. We are very responsible in ensuring the protection of your personal information. All our servers are protected, in the operation of all resource systems we use a reliable and unique script, and when sending data, we use an SSL certificate of the elite class. Therefore, you can be absolutely confident in the security of your data.


Bitcoins Air is not liable for the loss of your personal data, which was caused by your fault. Do not give anyone the details, login and password to log into your account. We have the right, if necessary, to verify your personal information. If we need to contact you on any matter, we can do this by using the contact information you provided during registration. The company reserves the right to edit and make any changes to this agreement at its discretion and without warning of this to users. Use of this resource means the user's agreement with site rules.